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Freedom Financial Solutions

Providing Innovative Financial and Business Services

  • cost reduction

    Cost Reduction Services for Businesses

    Help organizations work smarter, grow faster, and increase profits. Offer a no-cost evaluation to see how much money can be saved or recovered. No savings - no fee.
    Earn large referral fees.

  • Integrated Benefit Programs

    Integrated Benefit Programs

    Specialized Integrated Benefit Programs that save money for both employers and employees. They provide the employer with significant tax savings and participating employees with supplemental health benefits at no net cost.

  • Life Insurance Leads

    Niche market
    Insurance Lead Programs

    Make more commissions with over 15 different proven lead sources for life insurance sales. Choose from life, diabetes, mortgage protection, impaired risk, and more. Includes live transfer, voice mail, a special debt elimination program, and other innovative systems.

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  • Business COST Reduction Services

    It all starts with one question: "If I can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars on your annual expenses would it be worth one of our experts doing a No-Cost Analysis for you?" Earn large referral fee for simply introducing the concept. Over 25 different money saving audit services including: Waste Cost Review, Energy Cost Review, Merchant Account Cost Audit, Worker's Comp Cost Audit, Hiring Incentives, Property Lease Review, Cell Phone Cost Audit, Freight & Parcel Cost Review, Property Tax Cost Review, 401k Cost Review, and R&D

  • Integrated Benefit Programs

    Discover all the features of the Freedom Integrated Benefit Program. Program implementation provides significant annual payroll tax savings. The employee receives preventive care and other health benefits. All of this comes with no net cost to the employer or employee.

  • ObamaCare MEC Solution

    Obamacare solutions plans are a perfect fit for business owners looking for an affordable and guaranteed compliant solution to the Affordable Care Act mandates. There are plans for employers with both over and less than 50 employees. It provides 71 Preventative & Wellness Benefits including but not limited to heart disease prevention, diabetes screenings, cancer screenings and many more. No Co-Pays. Immunizations Included. It satisfies the Employee's Individual Mandate imposed by the IRS creating a penalty-free workplace. It will satisfy the individual requirement for credible coverage.

  • Niche Market insurance lead programs

    Having trouble finding that next client? Access proven niche market lead systems to increase your insurance business.