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Help employers save money and add benefits at no out of pocket cost

Featured product: Freedom Integrated Benefits Program


Integrated Benefits Program

The Freedom Integrated Benefits Program includes a Self-Funded, Voluntary Limited Group Medical Plan. It provides employees a systematic approach to improving their lives using individualized strategies and one on one teaching. The program also proves a variety of supplemental insurance benefits at no net cost. There are no other choices where your benefits can increase, take home pay will not decrease, and employers can save money necessary to grow their business! These programs are designed not to compete with group medical plans or traditional wellness plans and will create healthier and more productive employees.

For those companies who do not currently offer major medical benefits or who are seeking a Minimal Essential Coverage Plan (MEC), we also offer custom programs which integrate MEC and self-funded health plans to reduce cost.

The Program
These plans include unique health management programs that use preventative care to create healthy living habits

  • The participating employee makes a standardized contribution to a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan

  • The participating employee will receive a reimbursement of medical expenses qualified under Section 213(d)

  • The Section 125 contributions are deemed to be on a pre-tax basis and excluded from taxable income

  • The employee's income subject to payroll taxes is reduced and the plan reduces the payroll tax obligations of the employee and employer

  • The plan benefits provide a wide range of offerings for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, or prevention of disease. All of the plan benefits are designed to allow participants and their spouses to take a proactive role increasing, managing, and maintaining their personal health

The Employer
Provides a voluntary self-funded plan to employees and benefits from payroll savings and a healthier workforce

  • It is an enhancement to an employer's existing benefits package. It is not a replacement or substitution for any existing health insurance or any employer wellness plan

  • The employer enjoys an average matching payroll tax reduction of $500 or more annually per employee

  • Control long-term employer healthcare costs. (Data shows preventative care actions should translate into lower future premiums)

  • No changes required in existing benefit plans, advisors, or payroll service

The Employee
There is no reduction in an employee's take-home income

  • The plan begins with a non-invasive confidential Health Risk Assessment (HRA) which provides a snapshot into the current health and lifestyle of each individual employee and helps identify any major risk factors that may be of concern

  • This information allows a team of health and lifestyle coaches to structure a personalized health management program for each employee that meets their current capabilities for physical activity and combats any risk factors to move toward healthier living habits

  • Participating employees are paid a medical expense reimbursement


Plan Benefits

Personalize your plan using online, interactive coaching to obtain the greatest amount of supplemental coverage with practically no additional out of pocket expense. Your options, your choices, your savings.

Benefits Include (depending upon plan choice):

  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Smoking Cessation Programs
  • Registered Nurses
  • Diabetes Control and Prevention
  • Full Service Telemedicine for the Entire Family
  • Dietitians
  • Certified Health Education Specialist
  • Stress Mgt Counselors
  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • DNA Screening
  • Organizational Wellness and Learning Systems
  • Spousal Coverage is Included with the Program
  • Additional Insurance Benefits may include Accident, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity, Cancer, and Cash Value Life

  • There is no cost to become a representative
  • These programs require a life insurance license
  • These programs are available only in the United States
  • Representatives are not restricted by territories
  • Full training and support is provided
  • When filling out the registration form note "Integrated Benefits" in Primary Focus field and we will send you appointment instructions

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