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Niche Markets


Featured product: Niche Markets

Use Niche Markets to Make More Commissions

Niche marketing

We specialize in helping life insurance agents and agencies, identify and successfully sell in niche markets. Our primary goal is to provide unparalleled support and services to agents licensed through our organization. Every day we introduce agents to "niche marketing opportunities".

We connect insurance agents to businesses and consumers through a specialized niche marketing approach and by developing marketing strategies that are easy to implement. We have some niche products which do not require an insurance license to market or to receive commissions, but will provide the door opener for additional sales.

For Businesss
Unique door openers and follow on products

  • Integrated Benefit Programs
  • MEC Plans
  • Cost Reduction Audits
  • Business Loans
  • Payroll Loan Program
  • SCG Financial Education Workshops

For Consumers
Programs for Individuals:

  • Debt Reduction
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Living Benefits
  • Tax Free Retirement Income
  • My Free Health Savings Card

For Groups
Programs and products for groups:

  • SCG Financial Workshops for Church and Social Groups
  • Debt Education
  • Telemedicine

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Specialized Programs – Following are samples of special programs and tools:

  • MFHSC - My Free Health Savings Card is a great thank you gift for your clients and an ehancement to any lead generation program. This costs you the agent nothing and provides something of value to your client. It even includes a free discount shopping app. Discover all the benefits at My Free Health Savings Card.

  • Payroll Loans - Provide the payroll loan program for businesses. You have the ability to provide your client an employee benefit with no cost to the employer. This employee benefit is the ability to borrow from an FDIC insured bank for emergencies and repay that loan through payroll deductions over the next 12 months. The benefit to the employee is access to money for emergencies at a reasonable interest rate without needing to have a credit report pulled. The employer is providing a much needed benefit to the employees with no expense or recourse to the Company.

  • Life insurance licence required for most products
  • E&O coverage may be required
  • You need to appoint with at least one of our carriers
  • Full training and support
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